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My Artwork is inspired by nature and my love of colour.  


There is a Native American saying that goes...

There are many things in life we take for granted, if sometimes we are brave enough to acknowledge

Let us open our eyes and heart to what is before us and rejoice and be grateful for what

Mother Earth gives us.


I hope you enjoy my Arts and Crafts as much as I enjoy creating them.


There are many ways to make I have shown some of my techniques in pictures of jewellery, cards and scarves in the making...



For my Eco Scarves I use various

different herbs, leaves and flowers

from my garden ranging from

eucalyptus to ferns to ladys mantle

thru to bluebells when the season is

upon us. I also use onion and various

spices to create more depth of colour.

My Silk Jewellery is often made using wooden beads wrapped with hand painted or dyed silk. I enjoy doing wire work so often make all my own spacers and clasps together with my hand made silk paper rolled beads.

I also enjoy making some hand made cards using aperure cards as the base and inserting hand painted silk paintings..these together with a range of my jewellery, scarves and other silk items always for sale in the Made in Ross gallery.

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